20: The Love of God (w/ Jason Elam)

What does God’s love look like? This question is complicated in christian circles. Because the love of God looks very different depending on who you’re speaking with. To some, it’s the chance to gain eternal reward…or punishment if things don’t go as planned. Just please God, do the right things, and God’s love has you covered. Others are quick to claim Jesus as savior, yet are quick to advocate for violence and fear. The love they claim looks more like the hatred in their own heart than anything most could call love. On the other side of the spectrum, others think of God’s love as some abstract idea that’s lost all meaning. It’s not real or tangible, but just a feeling on the inside. Some have just lost faith that the love of God is even good. If this sounds like you, then our guest today offers a glimmer of hope. Maybe God is really good, but we’ve just lost the meaning of the word ‘good.’

We are joined by Jason Elam, host of The Messy Spirituality Podcast and author of the upcoming book, “From Ashes We Rise.” Jason vulnerably shares his transition from a fear based faith to belief in a God that is really good. Whether you believe in God or not, Jason’s vision of a truly good and loving God is worth listening to, if for no other reason than to hear someone paint a different picture. In the famous words of the great philosopher, Haddaway, “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.” I’m sorry. That was a bad joke. I blame Dallas.

20: The Love of God w/ Jason Elam

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